What care should be of damaged hair in summer?

Each of us is looking forward to summer. After all, summer is time for vacations and trips to sea. Upon returning home, you admire tan and beautiful figure, but here’s something wrong with hair. Curls have become rare, dull and dry, they can`t be laid.

Let’s see what should be right hair care in summer at home, so that hair will again become thick and silky.

Main reason for hair loss in summer is excess of sunlight, which overheats not only strands themselves, but also scalp. Because of this, hair follicles begin to die off, which leads to loss.

How to protect your hair from sun in summer?

This information will be useful for you:

  • It`s enough to take panama or hat to sea.
  • The second reason for the loss are all sorts of styling products. Constantly putting them, you put additional load on curls. Head of hair under such “cap” begins to sweep, creating favorable environment for reproduction of harmful bacteria. In summertime, use of varnish, foam and styling gel should be limited. Remember that all alcohol products dehydrate strands, which leads to their dryness and lifeless appearance.
  • Hair loss in summer can occur due to chlorinated water in pool or sea salt. In addition, poor immunity and lack of vitamins have negative effect.

So, how to care for your hair in summer?

Here are some simple, but mandatory rules:

  • First and most important rule to save curls from sun exposure: in hot season, wear hat made of natural fabric. Protection from burning sun will help keep moisture in strands.
  • Second important rule: after washing it`s necessary to rinse curls with cool water. Remember that because of hot water, more sebum is formed, thus hair becomes dirty more quickly.
  • Periodically it`s necessary to make nutritional masks.

In summer period, use of thermal appliances for laying should be limited. If you need to make spectacular styling, then strands must be applied funds to protect hair. Before going out, use indelible air conditioning with sun factor. Use only high-quality and environmentally friendly products.

Many experts say that hair grows faster in summer, so it`s worth cutting tips as often as possible.

Proper care of scalp and hair involves regular application of masks. In warm season they can be applied twice a week. Composition of well-proven recipes includes only natural ingredients that not only moisturize, but protect and restore curls.

Why does hair fall out in summer?

There may be several reasons, but one of main reasons is insufficient nutrition of curls. Try to make masks regularly, result wouldn`t take long.

  • Mask of potatoes.
  • Recipe herbal mask for summer.

As you can see, hair care in summer isn`t at all complicated; all components for moisturizing and nourishing facial masks are available. Do them regularly, wear hat and don`t forget to regularly cut tips of strands.