Proper skin care

Our skin is significantly different in different body parts. In particular, you need to understand that face skin, skin around eyes, lips and hands skin, skin of body, not mentioned above, has significant differences, and therefore it needs to be completely different care.

Skin consists of three layers:

Cells of epidermis are updated from 21 to 28 days of life, for 7 days. Therefore, we often hear that some masks need to be done at least once every 7 days. This is due to fact that after cleaning out some dead cells, after 7 days, stage of dying off of other cells, which at time of previous cleaning were still young, will begin. But this is on condition that you have normal and healthy skin. If the skin is dry or oily, then skin renewal cycle is completely different in time.

Skin types

Let’s talk about at skin types. There are 4 main types:

  • Dry. It has small pores and dull shade, characterized by low fat content. Wrinkles on dry skin, especially around eyes, form quickly. Dry skin acquires wrinkles first of all types. Such skin is thinnest of all, it needs to pay attention to issue of anti-aging skin before others.
  • Normal. Looks healthy, with even and small pores. Content of fat and moisture in skin is balanced. With proper care, wrinkles on such skin don`t appear until old age. This skin has average thickness.
  • Combined. Looks healthy, with fairly smooth structure. This type of skin is characterized by oily areas in T-zone. On cheeks and temples, skin is on contrary dry. It happens and vice versa: fat cheeks, enlarged pores.
  • Oily. This is consequence of increased activity of sebaceous glands, has characteristic oily sheen, large pores. The skin is thick, prone to rashes, acne, pimples. Less prone to wrinkles due to excess fat protecting skin from dryness.

Methods of skin care

They can be presented in such manner:

  • Facial Care Stages Cleansing. These are gel-like or mousse-like products. Cleansing affects only upper layer of skin and cleans it of external contaminants such as dust, dirt, grease, and sweat. Skin has three functions: protection, excretion, respiration.
  • Exfoliate. It is used no more than once every 3 days, but not less than once every 7 days. This stage is very important, it is responsible for deep cleansing of skin, for its beauty and health.
  • Scrub is most often made from seed, sugar, salt, coffee. Such scrubs are suitable only for body, but in no case for delicate skin of face. For face should be special piece – microcrystals of aluminum oxide.
  • Tightening mask. Cleans fat channels, pulling out preserved, stagnated fat. Tightens skin so that it doesn`t fall down. At home, this mask is best done lying down so that skin is fixed in desired position. Most suitable ingredients for such mask are guava extract, white clay.
  • Nourishing mask. So, after deep cleansing of fat channels, you need to take care of collagen restoration in skin. This is focus of this mask. It affects collagen and elastic fibers, contributing to their division. Mask nourishes skin, preventing dryness of epidermis, its cracking and appearance of wrinkles. Main active ingredients: flax seed and seaweed extract (fatty acids).
  • Soothing serum. Passing through exfoliation stage, our skin was stressed, now it is necessary to calm it down, remove irritation. Light serum gently soothes skin. It should consist of extracts of various herbs, contain vitamins C and E.
  • Toning. Tonic gently cares for young, renewed facial cells. It`s worth paying attention: there shouldn`t be any alcohol in face cosmetics! It is wrong to use tonic for cleansing skin! This product should be applied to already well cleansed skin.
  • Moisturizing. This stage is very important and you need to understand that moisturizing requires not only dry skin, but also oily, combination and normal, that is, any skin. Moisturizing cream penetrates into all three layers of skin, softens it, helping collagen to collect moisture, and gives signal to sebaceous glands that skin is moist and release fat is no longer necessary.
  • Protection. Transitional stage between care and decoration. This includes tonal means, primers, BB and CC cream. It`s important that these products have sun protection.

So now you know, how to make your skin beautiful and fresh!