sexual stamina

How to increase sexual stamina?

In the World Wide Web called Internet you can find a huge number of offers that guarantee you get rid of all human complexes. You’ll find tips on how to increase the length of your penis or you will be attached a miracle drug that will make you a sexual giant. If you start looking for your sexual problem in search engines, you will meet a huge amount of advertising that can solve all your troubles and tribulations.

Some people are hooked, buying everything you can. Separate-refuse from such offers and continue to live habitual life together with the troubles of sexual character. But the first and second case is not a solution to the problem, but only its aggravation.

In search engines is a huge number of questions on the sexual theme, but the most frequent questions are: “How to prolong sexual intercourse and increase the quality of sex?”. If you enter it in the search engine, you will again meet the commercial offers. For example, that Kamagra Jelly is an excellent help to fight impotence. By the way, in Australia Kamagra 100mg can be bought here: However, you can solve this problem yourself, and all you need to do is follow these guidelines.

Exercise. Even if you do not like sports – take yourself in the hands and start the daily charging. Very good if you start jogging. In a week it will be necessary to run at least 3 km. Sport strengthens the body and promotes hormonal balance. Also, while doing sports, you will be able to train the muscles of the buttocks, which are of great importance in the sex.

Food. To have a strong stamina in bed – you need to eat well. Your diet should include animal proteins and carbohydrates. Eat more meat, drink juices. The morning should be started with kefir or Rowan. The food should be nourishing and at the same time easy – you should not have problems with the intestines. Remember – good sex and diet are incompatible.

Overweight. It is like nothing else affects the quality of sex, and also causes a large number of diseases. If you have a couple of extra kilos or more – sports and proper nutrition will help you get back into shape.

Special condoms. If you still decided to buy something in the sex shop, then let it be condoms, which in time increase sexual intercourse. Such a condom really does, but the sensations for both men and women will be so small that you do not want to repeat it.

Lubrication. You can also buy them in a specialized shop. They are not as strong as a condom, affect the sensation and are convenient to use.

The Miracle Way. To increase sexual intercourse you will help so-called “way of blacks”. To do this, you need to smear the head of the member with Mint chewing gum. Of course, the sensations you will have less, but the sex longer.

Thoughts. At a time when you are very good and you are almost … – think of something unpleasant. Twist in your head thoughts that do not excite you, and bring unpleasant sensations. Try to imagine that instead of your partner there is another person whom you hate. Here the main thing is not to overdo the fantasy, otherwise you will be tempted to have sex at all.

Alcohol. Often, the use of alcohol for a long time does not come the process of ejaculation. Try before sexual intercourse to drink a couple of glasses of champagne, but not more.

In addition to these tips, there is still a huge number, but here were presented the most effective and simple. By efficiency, they are not inferior to the drugs that advertise on the Internet. In addition, all of them have long been tested, what not to say about the network updates. If you are not helped by any advice – do not despair. Strengthen and heal your body, and you will succeed!