Stephen Baker

What care should be of damaged hair in summer?

Each of us is looking forward to summer. After all, summer is time for vacations and trips to sea. Upon returning home, you admire tan and beautiful figure, but here’s something wrong with hair. Curls have become rare, dull and dry, they can`t be laid.

Let’s see what should be right hair care in summer at home, so that hair will again become thick and silky.

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Hair loss caused by stress

Are you concerned about negative effects of stress on your life and, as a result, on your hair? You aren`t alone. Our life is filled with work and family issues, that are constantly kept on in great tension. Despite all our efforts to control situation, constant anxiety can have strong impact on our health and general well-being.

Stress and hair loss are closely related. In fact, almost two thirds of people call stress main cause of insufficient volume and density of their hair – more than age, hormonal changes, diseases or medication.

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