10 Basic Principles Of Autumn Skin Care

Skin care is necessary every day. But each time of year makes its own adjustments to this care. Here are some basic rules that will help protect your skin from autumn weather.

Maintain proper moisture levels

To comply with this requirement is very simple. For this you only need to regularly use your favorite moisturizer. In summer, under scorching rays of sun, no one forgets about this rule, but in fall, when rain is constantly drizzling, need for regular moistening is somehow overlooked. One of most effective means to moisturize skin are creams, which include hyaluronic acid. If cream isn`t enough, then you can pick up special serum in addition to it.

Protection from the sun doesn`t lose relevance

Of course, autumn sun isn`t as hot as summer sun, but it is still necessary to defend against excessive ultraviolet radiation. This protection is especially important for those whose skin is sensitive, quickly becomes covered with freckles or blushes strongly in sun.

Every day vitamins and antioxidants are needed

The harder the weather, the less light day and the less fresh vegetables and fruits, the greater the need for body to obtain full-fledged vitamins. Therefore, you should try to make your diet in such way that it contains all necessary vitamins, and also help your skin a little with special enriched creams, serums and nourishing masks. Cold weather makes it possible to make small cuts in diet in direction of increasing its caloric content, and this should be immediately used, including various vegetable oils, such as olive, sesame, almond, black cumin oil.

Avocados can be another great supplier of vitamins, high-quality vegetable oil and powerful antioxidants. By the way, eating it (in reasonable quantities) can be without fear of getting fat, because this magic fruit, despite its caloric value, has amazing ability to normalize lipid metabolism.

Use moisturizing wipes

If usual means of moisturizing is clearly not enough for you, then you can always carry moisturizing wipes with you and, if necessary, wipe your face with them.

Protect capillaries

Piercing autumn wind, as well as sudden changes in temperature, when we go into a warm room from cold street, provoke such an unpleasant skin reaction as constantly dilated capillaries. Face burns, flakes, and its color is very far from perfect. To protect and strengthen capillaries will help special anti-age cosmetics, which experts of any beauty salon will help you to choose.

Increase vitamin D intake

Permanent redness of skin, acne, painful cracks – all this indicates that you are experiencing shortage of vitamin D. In autumn, you can enrich your diet with appropriate products or supplements containing this vitamin.

Protect yourself from colds

Cold is always unpleasant in itself. And even after you say goodbye to her, she will remind herself for a long time about her poor skin condition. Therefore, by all means try to avoid colds. To do this, you need to dress according to weather, try to walk in fresh air every day and get enough sleep. Of course, such advice is easy to give, but very difficult to follow. But, unfortunately, other algorithms simply don`t exist.

Pay attention to fish oil and other omega-3 acids

Many people can`t tolerate fish oil. But skin, nails and hair is always delighted with it. So try to take it sometimes, even if its taste doesn`t apply to your favorite delicacies. Reward will be elastic skin and shiny hair.

Moisten air in bedroom

As soon as heating season begins, indoor air becomes deadly dry. Special humidifier will help to correct situation. Today there is no shortage of such devices. They are presented in all versions, ranging from compact budget devices, ending with luxurious designer models that will serve as real decoration of interior.

Wash gently

In autumn you need to be very careful about selection of soap and other cleansers. In no case should they dry out skin. For gentle cleansing, you can think of such reliable tool as olive oil. It`s very simple to clean skin with it: first wipe face with a swab moistened with heated oil, and then wash off remaining oil with water.