Traditional Methods of Hair Loss Treatment

Traditional Methods of Hair Loss Treatment

Millions of men around the world face an unpleasant health state: permanent hair loss. It may start after 30, or even earlier, and without any reasons. Luckily, modern orthodox medicine offers advanced medications that give visible results within several weeks.

The Main Reasons for Health Loss

Those who blame genetics on their balding scalp may be surprised to find out that there are numerous reasons for that, including:

  1. Trichotillomania (the habit of pulling hairs on head because of nervousness). With the time being, a bald spot develops on head, but as soon as a person stops doing so, everything grows back.
  2. Lack of certain hormones (as the result of hypothyroidism).
  3. Autoimmune disease means that body starts attacking its own health tissues, and may destroy hair follicles. It may result into permanent hair loss, or disrupt of hair growth cycle.
  4. Theoretically, hair loss can be conditioned by any infection, but most typically it is caused by Tinea capitis (Ringworm).
  5. Chemotherapy results into temporary hair loss, but bald scalp problem may last for a long time.
  6. Intake of some medications (anti-thyroid, hormonal pills, anti-convulsants, anti-coagulants, and beta-blockers).
  7. Lack of vitamins and minerals in body, especially B12 and protein.
  8. Chronic stress and anxiety.
  9. Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition, and, although there are different kinds of treatment, there is no 100% warranty that they will help.

How to Treat Hair Loss?

How to Treat Hair Loss?If you are losing hair, and think that there is nothing to do about the problem, you’re wrong. In fact, hair loss can be stopped or at least slowed down by doing several things.

First, stop smoking and stick to healthy lifestyle. It means less stress, less toxins in body and more powers for body to recover.

Secondly, care about your hair. If you notice that you start losing a lot of it, begin taking vitamins and prescribed remedies before you get bald.

Thirdly, you can try some over-the-counter remedies. For instance, Minoxidil slows down pattern hair loss, being applied right on the scalp. But it only helps as long as it is used. Another analogue is Finasteride. These are pills that contribute to hair growth, and are considered to be more effective than monoxidil.

Hair transplantation is another solution. Although it works in most cases, the procedure is expensive, and hairs start growing normally in 6 months. This technology is still being developed, and not so many men resolve to it.

Light laser therapy doesn’t help to grow new hairs, but helps to keep what exists. It is performed with the help of handheld devices, and it is required to use the gadget 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week to see somewhat noticeable results.


This is one of several remedies approved by FDA. You can buy Propecia online at PerthMeds or find it in pharmacies – it is sold without prescription. The pills block the production of androgen dihydrotestosterone male hormone that shrinks hair follicles. It helps to regrow hairs naturally, serving as a fertilizer for scalp. Generally, the remedy is quite effective, but there is one serious disadvantage: you should take it on permanent basis to ensure hair growth. Once you stop, hairs may start disappearing in three-eight months.

Besides, this remedy may cause some unwanted side effects, such as lack of sexual desire and impotence.


Before taking the pills, consult with your doctor, if you have:

  • Prostate cancer;
  • Allergic reaction to similar medications;
  • Liver disease;
  • Bladder muscle disorder.


These are other pills that contain finasteride helping to convert DHT hormone and prevent hair loss, reversing it. The remedy does not help to restore hairs that have been lost long ago, but slows down further loss on all scalp.

A usual dose is one pill a day. It can be taken with or without food, drank up by a glass of water. Course takes about 3 months or more. The remedy can be taken for longer periods to achieve better results. When a man stops taking it, hair loss may resume within 12 months.

Side effects and precautions are the same as for Propecia. There are many countries where men use Finpecia: UK, USA, European countries, India, Russia, Australia, etc.

Traditional medications have proved to be very helpful and cost-efficient, so if you want to slow down hair loss, this is the most sensible option for today.

What care should be of damaged hair in summer?

Each of us is looking forward to summer. After all, summer is time for vacations and trips to sea. Upon returning home, you admire tan and beautiful figure, but here’s something wrong with hair. Curls have become rare, dull and dry, they can`t be laid.

Let’s see what should be right hair care in summer at home, so that hair will again become thick and silky.

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Hair loss caused by stress

Are you concerned about negative effects of stress on your life and, as a result, on your hair? You aren`t alone. Our life is filled with work and family issues, that are constantly kept on in great tension. Despite all our efforts to control situation, constant anxiety can have strong impact on our health and general well-being.

Stress and hair loss are closely related. In fact, almost two thirds of people call stress main cause of insufficient volume and density of their hair – more than age, hormonal changes, diseases or medication.

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How to increase sexual stamina?

How to increase sexual stamina?

In the World Wide Web called Internet you can find a huge number of offers that guarantee you get rid of all human complexes. You’ll find tips on how to increase the length of your penis or you will be attached a miracle drug that will make you a sexual giant. If you start looking for your sexual problem in search engines, you will meet a huge amount of advertising that can solve all your troubles and tribulations.

Some people are hooked, buying everything you can. Separate-refuse from such offers and continue to live habitual life together with the troubles of sexual character. But the first and second case is not a solution to the problem, but only its aggravation.

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Green clay for beauty of skin and hair

Green clay for beauty of skin and hair

The cleansing, healing and regenerating green clay has many useful properties due to the minerals and microelements contained therein.

What is green clay?

Green Clay has been used in medicineand cosmetology since the times of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, as well as Chinese civilizations. It consists of many minerals andmicroelements, which provide absorbent, cleansing, antiseptic, healing, remineralizing and softening effect.

There are different types of clays, differing in color, which depends on the presence of iron oxides. Consisting of aluminum silicate, green clay has a strong absorbing ability. 

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Facial hair and male adolescence

Facial hair

While some men have a luscious beard and moustache in their seventeenth, others stay hairless even being mature. An average boy can notice hair on his face around the age of sixteen. Although for many teens these changes occur not so fast. What is the reason of hair growth? And what to do to get a little bit more, than few wisps on your face?

Why do men have a beard, mustache and whiskers?

mustache_and_whiskersFacial hair is a typical sex characteristic for boys. In late puberty men testicles start to produce significantly more testosterone, than before. Thus visible changes occur. Size of a penis increases (as well as virility). Erection during waking up (so called “morning wood”) happens much more frequently than before. Getting a hair around jowls and the chin is also one of the changes produced by testosterone.

Due to the late surveys the production of this hormone depends on genetics. Although, some researchers consider that masculinity and femininity are determined by prenatal factor. However, there are few ways to enhance testosterone elaboration. Some of them, such as sports activity and healthy life-style are well-known. It proved that regular strength exercise increases the production of testosterone. Others, like a hormone therapy and other medication are rarely used. Because of potential side-effects, they should be thoroughly discussed with a doctor.

Is there a special need for medication?

special need for medication

Some men use hydro-cortisone or other steroid cream to trigger facial hair growth. Although this medication may cause many unwanted effects, it is usually available over the counter in any drug store, often without a prescription. Adverse effects include itching, skin redness and thinning, acne and other unwanted problems. Moreover, hormone therapy may lead to serious internal disorders (from liver impairment to vascular occlusion).

On the other hand sometimes specific testosterone therapy is recommended and prescribed by a physician. Normally it is conducted and regulated in clinic. The therapy can be realized with a course of injections, applications or (more rarely) orally. Those who think that therapy gives faster results than lifestyle changes, often delude themselves. It may take 10-12 months or even more to see first results. During this entire period boys should be tested for the monitoring of internal organs function.

Why is it important?

In all traditions facial hair growth is associated with virility and adulthood. Men with lots of facial hair are perceived as socially mature and ready to take responsibility for the genus. As one of the most obvious secondary sex characteristics, it is strongly desired and highly appreciated by each male adolescent. In addition, in modern culture unique moustaches, beards and sideburns are integral attributes of individual style and fashion. So, no wonder that it is so important for a teen to see that his facial hair come “in time”.

When is “a time”?

According to accepted standards, facial hair should appear two years after pubic (exact time in each case individual). First wisps usually grow around the upper lip corners between 11 or 15 years old. Then, at the age of 15-17 it may spread over the all upper lip. Cheeks and the lower lip area are covered by hair a year later. The full beard could be noticed at age 17 already, but normally it is formed to 20-21 years old. Of course, the speed and consequence vary very widely among male adolescents. A determining role in the process is played by genetic factors and lifestyle (as well as in all other human health problems).